Why Write?

Some people write because they want to share ideas or tell a store, while others write for therapeutic reasons, most people write for a combination of reasons.

Taking some time to figure out why you write may help you write better, but don’t let not knowing stop you. In the beginning, it only matters you write often. Writing is a journey to the depths of our innermost true self. The relationship a writer has with their work should be a very personal one. Write from a place is authentic, scary, personal, and intimidating to you. Don't let inhibitions or beliefs get in your way. Question your beliefs.

You don’t have to share anything you write. Giving yourself privacy to express feelings and ideas, free the most private areas of your mind. Give yourself permission to write junk. It opens work to ideas, ideals, and even language we normally would not share publicly. When you write something private, what you write and how you write is different. It is a safe place of intimate knowledge, authentic, raw, and pure.

A successful writer figures out how to use a mix of their weak and strong skill. Everyone learns as they go. You just have to start. You get stronger with practice. When looking at a successful writer, remember every writer starts on their journey at the beginning. No matter how good you are, no one writes a perfect first draft. All writing is rewriting, stories are not born without labor and a gestation period of growth.

There is no one correct method to write or magic formula. Writing doesn't have to be structured, typed on a computer, in a notebook, or even on paper. When inspiration hits, often there is no time to capture a fleeting thought in a specific way. I’ve written on my arm, napkins, receipts, dictated to my phone.

Each writer has to find their own way, but it doesn't mean they have to take every step on their own. Everyone gets stuck at some point. The key is to never give up or stop growing. Find or build a community of people and support each other. Have writing partners. I first learned about this idea from Natalie Goldberg in  her book, "Writing Down the Bones." I have both built a small community on my own, and currently, participate as an organizer for Shut Up and Write.


TREND-DODGING: The New Way to Shop Sustainably

Author: Nadine3103

TREND-DODGING: The New Way to Shop Sustainably

Fashion director Jad Chilton believes fashion trend crazes are on the way out and shopping sustainably is in. 

This type of mindset resonates with me deeply. I love wearing classics and don't mind if what I am wearing isn't the latest trend or even last year's trend. If I love it I wear it. And I mostly shop handmade, vintage, and used clothing.

You can read some highlights from the article, or  read the full article: Trend Dodging Is The New Way To Shop Sustainably.

"Did you know that wearing clothing 50 times instead of five (a fast-fashion average) reportedly reduces carbon emissions by 400 per cent per item, per year?"

"No-one cares or even remembers if you wore the same dress last weekend. I know we tend to think everyone watches our style avidly, but the chances are they just see a nice dress, press ‘like’, and move on."

"Shopping sustainably might not have the most glamorous ring to it, but it sure does leave a more desirable number at the bottom of your bank statement, and it will, without a doubt, keep your conscience a little clearer."

You Can Never Drink the Same Cup of Tea Twice

Each cup of tea we drink is an ephemeral experience in time, never to be duplicated again. We can try and come very close, and there are too many factors that change not only with the tea, but with the person we are in the moment we sip.

In this sense, we can never breathe the same air again, kiss the same person, or live the same life. Live is an ever change experience and times is constantly moving.

My philosophy is to enjoy what I have while I have it. To understand my experience will not last forever, regardless if it is very good or very hard in the moment. I never want to stop learning, creating, meeting new people, loving, and growing as a person.

Simple is Not Quite So Simple

You hear a lot about simplifying and downsizing these days. What people don't talk about is the process of getting there can be overwhelming. I think that often people try to simplify everything in their lives at once and lose hope part way there because they doing do it in smaller manageable steps.
After some thought and planning, I decided to make one large change to would free up the most resources for my business. I decided to get rid of my Shopify site and only sell on Etsy. This process included transferring all my stock to Etsy, updating many backlinks, social media accounts, business contacts, customers, app connections, etc. I was surprised at how much work it took to do just this one task. 
By the end of the transfer I realized that I still had not decided what to do with my domain, emails associated, with the domain, or my blog. As I long time customer of GoDaddy, I've been dissatisfied with them for many years and for whatever reason never took the time to leave. Their website is awful, so hard to navigate. I decided it was time to leave, but wasn't sure where would point my email for free, like Godaddy did.
I'm still in the process of simplifying my jewelry business, but I'm getting there.
Since I want to keep my blog, because I put in a lot of work and it is a great way for new customers to find me on the web. So, my second decision was to continue blogging. I'm in the process of moving it to my Blogger account were I host my writing and tea blogs. And merge my blogs into one, supporting all three of the things I love: tea, writing, and handcrafted eco fashion.
And I realized once I started looking into how to point my domain name to my blog that Google Domains is a good choice because they make it super easy to use with Blogger.
My final task is to clear out all the information I have collected to use with the old set up and make room for the new.
I hope to be finished by the end of next week.

I Breathe

Photo by Rodrigo Argenton

I Breathe,
My heart pounds in my chest,
Trying to relax,
I rearrange my thoughts,
I open the door,
I Breathe.

I walk into the void,
I Breathe.

I watch in my heart,
I write the story,
There is no pause,
My heart breaks,
I Breathe.

A new warmth wells and blooms in my eyes,
Warm wet summer rain,
I breathe.

A tired and content smile whispers across my face,
I fill my cup,
I breathe.

*Wrote 2011 Monday, April 11 9:12:53 AM.

We All Pay for Fast Fashion

© Diego Torres Silvestre

Most people don't think twice about grabbing up a bargain. I'm guilty of the quick buy when I find items that fit my budget and later regret them. I mostly buy used items of the best quality I can afford when looking for bargains. Or wait until after the holidays to purchase items I don't purchased used, like underwave and accessories. However, sometimes I don't take the time to think about what the purchase means on a global scale.

The root of the problem is people rarely want to feel bad about what they do, so they don't like to examine what's happening too closely. So, lets keep this quick, and as pain free as possible. And if you want to dive deeper, you can by checking out my reference links below.

Fast Fashion Costs
1. Fast fashion can make us sick because it often uses the cheapest materials available.
2. Fast fashion wears out quick, and costs more than a higher-priced quality, longer lasting product.
3. Fast fashion exploits the poorest, youngest, and least educated people by not paying them a livable wage, and-or not providing safe working conditions.
4. Fast fashion pollutes our minds and the Earth with items intended to last only one season or a single week, and then be discarded.

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