The end of eBay's Monopoly

As a seller on eBay I have to say that over the past year ebay has fallen as my favorite marketplace. The no link policy hurt sells for many of us and they keep raising their fees. Sellers are moving to other sites like Amazon, Craigslist, Etsy, and buyers are following!

They have made many attempts that were clearly a way to keep hold of the advantages that they had. The problems is they are not that friendly when it comes to be social on the web, and so they are being left behind. Like AOL did when they tried to keep users away from other sites back in the nineties, they have lost part of what made them sticky by giving sellers less options.

There are many ways to sell and market now and if ebay is not willing to change and keep up with the new needs they will be left behind. They, like so many other past sites will be out of fashion.

"eBay has reported that for the first time ever, their 4th quarter revenues fell from the previous quarter."


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