Formosa Jade, Green Oolong, Tea Zone

Today I am drinking Formosa Jade, which is a green oolong tea and from Tea Zone. I love that the name oolong means black dragon tea.

I have been thinking more about the grading scale I want to use for reviewing the tea I drink. First off, I am a tea geek and not a tea snob. I love tea and drink all kinds! I love trying new teas. I think that to a good degree that how much a person enjoys a tea is based on what types of taste and flavor preferences one has. I have been drinking tea since I was a little girl and I think that is why I am more open to a wider variety or it. I like to think of good tea as a layer cake, that is to say there is a good beginning middle and end to it. I prefer to describe my experience with the tea rather than give it a number and let people deiced if it is one they would like to try. I like this method because each time you drink a tea you are a different person and the tea is also different. In this way you can never truly have the same tea twice, just as you can never step in the same river twice.

This tea has a beautiful flowery smell to it. This tea has a a delicate green tint to it that is quite simple and beautiful. Formosa Jade has a texture to it that is like velvet and has a medium body. It is grassy and slightly nutty with a delightful earthy taste to it. It is slightly herbaceous. It has a nice dry finish that is refreshing.

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