Tempted to Get Rid of My Computer

I wanted to share a little piece of  tech with you that has changed my life. I no longer take my laptop to the coffee shop to write, instead I take a full-sized folding keyboard, the iWerkz Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard (44652BL). I absolutely love this little thing. And can now write almost anywhere at anytime. I use mine with my Android Moto G. Between this and the speech to text writing on my phone it has almost replaced my computer. I have had the keyboard for less than a week and already use it more than my computer. The only time I turned on the computer was to do some bookkeeping and stream a show so far. I am tempted to see if I can get rid of my computer. I use a free app called JotterPad to write on my phone. The paid version saves multiple versions and works with the free Dropbox.com app, so I always have my most recent drafts handy, no matter what I write on or where I am at.

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