Dyslexia and Writing by Hand: Is it Helpful?

Tree Hugger posted an article on the benefits of writing by hand. It's seems odd to me that they would say it helps dyslexics. Sure, I can understand writing cursive is better than printing, but handwriting is something you don't have to do in this age. As someone with dyslexia, I can tell you firsthand that typing and text to speech are the easiest ways to write for dyslexics.

I don't view dyslexia as a disability, we are just wired differently, and as a result are not as good at some tasks, but can also do something better than people who are not dyslexic. There are benefits from writing by hand, but I'm not sure it helps people who are dyslexic the same way it does others. There isn't enough data on the subject.

Dyslexics are nonverbal learners, we think in picture, 3-dimensional, multi-sensory images and as a result we have a much quicker thought process. When I have to slow down the way I think, I tend to lose information I want to communicate. It's like having a great Idea and not being able to write it down immediately, as it slips away.

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