Used Fashion Doesn’t Mean Useless

I’ve always loved buying and wearing used clothing. I find it fun to search through the stacks, you never know what you will find. Buying used fashion is a sustainable practice that saves money and keeps used clothing out of landfills.

I like to look for natural fibers, classic design, and items made to last when looking for additions to my sustainable wardrobe.

I often upcycle vintage pieces making them more in tune with my personal style. And also recycle older pieces by repairing them. This makes them unique, and durable, statement pieces. This helps me foster a unique look that is truly my own.

One of my favorite methods for finding great used fashion is hosting a clothing swap. Who wouldn't like shopping for free? I often donate the left over clothing to charities, but I prefer giving directly to people in need first though. Shelters and local churches are great places to donate to.

Below are two lists of used clothing shops, one nationwide, the other is New York City only. Happy hunting.

Feel free to post your own favorite thrift shop in the comments!

Nationwide Shops

1. Buffalo Exchange has shops in 22 of the United States. I like this store for it's affordable fashion finds. It is the perfect place to grab a little something if you forgot to pack something for a tip or if you find yourself in need. They buy your used clothing that is in season and on trend.

2. Goodwill Industries, INC. They do take donations and are a legal non-profit.

3. Salvation Army Family Stores They also take donations and are a legal non-profit.

New York City Only Shops

1. Housing Works Thrift Shops have many locations throughout the NYC.

2. Beacon's Closet This shop is also a great place to consign clothing you no longer need or use. It gives it a second life and keeps it out of the land fill.

3. Urban Jungle: 118 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11237

One of my favorite ‘vintage’ thrift stores. They have a huge selection and the staff is very nice, there are dressing rooms so you know if the item will fit before you buy it.

4. City Opera Thrift Shop: 222 E 23RD ST, NEW YORK, NY, 10010

One of New York City's only charity shops supporting the arts. From corporate designer to private donations, they carry a selection of furniture and home goods as well as clothing and accessories for men and women. Many items are one of a kind.

5. AuH2O: 84 E. 7th Street, NY, NY

Wonderfully curated shop with sustainable practices. Based in the East Village in New York City, this thrift shop sells women's clothing at affordable prices. Most items sold in the store cost less than $10.

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