Wedding Ideas From the Earth Friendly Bride & Groom

Earth Friendly brides and grooms think about longevity, not only in their relationship, but in the world around them for future generations.

When choosing wedding jewelry, they look at heirloom quality pieces made to last, that are classic and can be worn dressed up or down. Or an alternative jewelry piece to be treasured fo the rest of their lives and pass down. They know this piece of jewelry doesn't have to be a ring!

For gemstone choices they consider all the alternatives to cut diamonds, as the vast majority are cut by impoverished children in India until they go blind. They look for fair trade gemstones, vintage, antique, handmade, and eco fashion brands.

This savvy couple wants to create memories, rather than follow trends. They choose to work with sustainable companies for their decor and venue. Keeping it simple and green. 

They know they don't need to over decorate, and their guests will have a better time if the emphasis is on the quality of food rather than how decedent the wedding looks. Their priority is to keep the emphasis on relationships with their family and friends to create wonderful memories.

They use their wedding favors to make a statement of their values and the people that matter most to them. They choose items they know their guests will actually want and use, and often making them part of the decorations.
If their wedding is very small, just close family and friends, the couple may opt for used china or vintage champagne glasses that they can use everyday after the wedding.

When choosing attire for that special day they consider renting their attire, borrowing accessories from family and friends, vintage fashion, and alternative classics designs that are understated and elegant. Classic designs are sure to be worn many times and invoke cherished memories.

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