We All Pay for Fast Fashion

© Diego Torres Silvestre

Most people don't think twice about grabbing up a bargain. I'm guilty of the quick buy when I find items that fit my budget and later regret them. I mostly buy used items of the best quality I can afford when looking for bargains. Or wait until after the holidays to purchase items I don't purchased used, like underwave and accessories. However, sometimes I don't take the time to think about what the purchase means on a global scale.

The root of the problem is people rarely want to feel bad about what they do, so they don't like to examine what's happening too closely. So, lets keep this quick, and as pain free as possible. And if you want to dive deeper, you can by checking out my reference links below.

Fast Fashion Costs
1. Fast fashion can make us sick because it often uses the cheapest materials available.
2. Fast fashion wears out quick, and costs more than a higher-priced quality, longer lasting product.
3. Fast fashion exploits the poorest, youngest, and least educated people by not paying them a livable wage, and-or not providing safe working conditions.
4. Fast fashion pollutes our minds and the Earth with items intended to last only one season or a single week, and then be discarded.

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