The Responsibly Manufactured Jeans List

Responsibly Manufacturing Jean Brands 

Ethics | Fair labor, women's empowerment
J. Crew
Ethics | California Transparency Act, Modern Slavery Act, partnering with mills and factories that are environmentally responsible, Fair Trade Certified, offset the carbon, and career advancement opportunities for candidates from diverse backgrounds
Bluer Denim
Ethics | Fair labor, carbon-neutral, gives back
Wrap + Weft
Ethics | Fair labor standards, eco-friendly and sustainable practices, size-inclusive
Nudie Jeans
Ethics | Sustainable materials and production, living wages, carbon offsetting
G-Star Raw
Ethics | Workers’ rights, fair wages & equal supplier partnerships, sustainable materials, and animal welfare.
Ethics | Eco-friendly fabrication and materials
Ethics | Made in the USA, sustainable fabrics, eco-friendly production practices, pays a living wage to workers
Ethics | Eco-friendly practices, sustainable materials, recycled fabrics, gives back
Buck Mason
Ethics | Domestic production
Ethics | Exceptional quality, ethical factories, and radical transparency.
Mott & Bow
Ethics | In-house fair wage production, sustainably sourced quality denim
Ethics | Sustainable & recycled fabrics, eco-friendly & cruelty-free processes, ethically made
Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Principles
Company headquarters is in North Carolina, USA. Some of their line is still produced there, most is produced overseas.
Responsibly Manufacturing Factories

Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, London
Ethics |
Saitex International
Vietnam (Saitex makes denim clothing lines for brands including J Crew, G-Star Raw, and Everlane.)
Ethics |

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