TREND-DODGING: The New Way to Shop Sustainably

Author: Nadine3103

TREND-DODGING: The New Way to Shop Sustainably

Fashion director Jad Chilton believes fashion trend crazes are on the way out and shopping sustainably is in. 

This type of mindset resonates with me deeply. I love wearing classics and don't mind if what I am wearing isn't the latest trend or even last year's trend. If I love it I wear it. And I mostly shop handmade, vintage, and used clothing.

You can read some highlights from the article, or  read the full article: Trend Dodging Is The New Way To Shop Sustainably.

"Did you know that wearing clothing 50 times instead of five (a fast-fashion average) reportedly reduces carbon emissions by 400 per cent per item, per year?"

"No-one cares or even remembers if you wore the same dress last weekend. I know we tend to think everyone watches our style avidly, but the chances are they just see a nice dress, press ‘like’, and move on."

"Shopping sustainably might not have the most glamorous ring to it, but it sure does leave a more desirable number at the bottom of your bank statement, and it will, without a doubt, keep your conscience a little clearer."

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