Ethically Fashionable

Ethically Fashionable  

There are many options to choose from if you want to be both fashionable and ethical in today's world. And there are many reasons to want to be a responsible consumer. Your choices now have an impact on the lives of workers, the world today, and the lives of future generations.

One is to shop from brands that have public transparency. With small handmade brands, look and see who shares information about their process publicly, and not just claim they are being ethical. Also, understand that to make these well crafted and more durable options available craftspeople must be paid fairly for their time. Unfortunately, many craftspeople price their work too low to make a livable wage to try and compete with mass-produced items. Read the Fashion Transparency index to understand larger brands' human rights and environmental objectives.

Another way is to shop locally made fashion. This cuts down on emissions, and you enjoy a personal relationship with the maker. A great way to feel good all around.

A third option is to subscribe to a fashion rental subscription service. This way them garment gets more use before it goes out of fashion. This is especially effective for higher-end items you may only wear once or twice, like formal wear. It also saves you money.

A fourth option is shopping secondhand. You can purchase vintage items when the trends come back in style. Cultivate your own style edge, by mixing in choices to round out your look and make it more personal. It's fun to upscale items to update their look. It also makes them unique. This option is a great choice because it also saves money.

Five on the list is to purchase classic items that are well made and will last a long time. You can do this with both new and used fashion.


*Image Sorce: Tareq Salahuddin Workers in a garment factory, Bangladesh, India.

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